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Swedish painter

Hanna Ekegren, whose artistic mastery has graced numerous international exhibitions, draws inspiration from the intricacies of thoughts and emotions - both conscious and subconscious.

Guided by a profound belief in the inherent equal worth of every individual, irrespective of ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion, Hanna crafts images that resonate with her distinctive blend of form and color.

Her work captivates observers with mesmerizing eyes that invite contemplation, creating an immersive experience that transcends physical space.

For a personalized piece of art, share your concept via a sketch or photograph, and Hanna will craft a unique artwork tailored to your preferences, in any size.


French 3D metal sculptor

Frédéric Daty delves into exploring the intangible connection between individuals and their surroundings through a compelling series of wall sculptures.

Irrespective of whether these connections manifest within urban landscapes or natural settings, Daty meticulously crafts ecosystems using energy and materials.

His artistic process involves distilling subjects to their fundamental essence, capturing solely their structural framework - the skeleton, embodied by raw steel - while portraying the intricate interplay of energy flows through shadows, light, and perspective.


Swedish sculptor 

Based in Los Angeles, renowned for her expertise in life casting sculptures with a distinct focus on femininity.

Drawing inspiration from diverse cultural perspectives on nudity, she has embarked on a journey of artistic exploration, utilizing her craft to articulate a unique perspective on the human form and its constituent elements.


Jennie's portfolio embodies a contemporary reimagining of classical Greco-Roman statues, a celebration of the exquisite beauty inherent in the female physique.

Her artistic prowess has garnered recognition through numerous features in television programs and magazines.

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